Stephanie Firestone.
Visual Artist

Stephanie Firestone

My paintings are very loose to abstract and tend to have colors of the Southwest landscape.

Influences for me are the study of the human figure, architectural wonders such as the Notre Dame Cathedral, and fabric designs. I was born in Detroit, MI; then lived in Chevy Chase, MD and have lived on the East coast all my life, yet when I visited Tucson, AZ for the first time as an adult, I felt I had been there before. I have equal passions for working with paint and clay and often ‘paint’ my sculptures of the figure.

Dream Sequence.

Dream Sequence

Acrylic, 12x12

There is a painting under this one. I was never satisfied with it and, one day, decided to paint it out. I started with all abandon, but found that parts of the original painting wanted to stay. This was the result and it was accepted by the FASO 15% favorites online exhibition in Feb 2020 and also was juried into an exhibition at the Athenaeum Gallery in Old Town, Alexandria, 'Moments in Time: a very weird time' -- theme of the Pandemic. I’ve decided to keep this one for the memories of both shows and how it was conceived. 

The Bridge.

The Bridge


I decided to work on this painting, after letting it sit for some years. I looked at it with a fresh new ‘eye’ and gave it new life. I am happy with this one. This painting has not been
exhibited anywhere yet.

Field of Dreams.

Field of Dreams

Acrylic, 22x20

Recently completed and entered into the League of Roanoke Artists SHOWCASE. Their annual members’ exhibition. It won 3rd Place for Acrylics. This is not a very publicized show but an amazing group of paintings and a large show. Jefferson Center, Roanoke, VA through October 23, 2022.

From the LRA website: The SHOWCASE is our annual judged exhibit with over one hundred works of art from area artists. The art is hung on the Jefferson Gallery walls where it is viewed by the many patrons of their events. All sales are handled through the Jefferson Center.
Over thirty-five awards are presented.




Painting from a live model at a session in the Art League, Old Town, Alexandria, VA. This was painted in one session. I still have this painting and I enjoy looking at it daily in my bedroom. The model was a young woman who was great to paint. Some models are more inspiring than others; although I always like painting or sculpting from the figure.




This is a painting I started in 2013. It always seemed to need something. As I approached it again, it was to ‘paint out’ some areas and keep others. Very satisfied with how it turned out and the black frame around it adds to the description and drama. Not shown anywhere yet; enjoying it in my apartment!

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