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Stephanie Firestone.

Stephanie Firestone

I was introduced to art at an early age and took special interest in the organic forms of the human figure, which is a constant for much of my work. When other children were looking at children’s books, I was flipping through the pages of my father’s college textbook of drawing the human anatomy. I dabbled in paint (he had a small painting studio in the basement of our home in Chevy Chase, MD) and I started with the clay one makes from flour and water.

I ran a one-person graphic design studio for 30+ years before returning to fine art. Clients included Smithsonian Institution’s various offices, including National Air and Space Museum; American Red Cross NHQ, AMVETS NHQ, GEICO, and Promontory Financial Group to name a few. It was an exhilarating time, but now my focus is on fine art.

I migrated to Roanoke, VA, late 2020, during COVID. This turned out not to be the right move at the time, however, I have found a fabulous art community here! When I am in my apartment studio painting or sculpting, I lose myself in the process and it is very contemplative.

After working with graphic design on the computer for so many years, it is calming to work with elements of nature.
Presently I exhibit often times along with my late father's works - Peter Haikalis - whose subject matter is almost exclusively the human figure. 



Terra cotta

This cubist sculpture photo was captured at my home show on a pedestal with the dramatic natural light. It sold that afternoon to a woman who simply had to own it.



Stoneware, Raku firing method

I have created three of these box forms and they sold. A fourth one recently came out of the Raku firing and will be shown this December 3rd at the James Renwick Alliance JRA DAY exhibition and sale. I rarely repeat a form but this one intrigues me enough with the random texture and the glittery glaze that falls all over it.

Torso Black.

Torso Black

Terra cotta with acrylic patina

Exhibited by invitation from Olivia Kohler-Maga: "Select 2014: WPA Auction Gala," March 22, 2014. Catalog. This was one of many curators who chose artists and their specific works. She saw a small version of this in my studio and said “I want this, but large” (and she motioned with her hands). I agreed and set out to work on structure for a large-scale, hollow piece. Great experience for me; and it sold at the event to a collector in Chicago, IL.

Homage to the Earth.

Homage to the Earth

Stoneware, Raku fired, wood

I decided to ‘frame’ this successful Raku vessel in this light box frame. This is one of a series of the
box sculptures. Some have sold. I had a wood worker craft more frames for me to play with. ‘Homage’ has been juried into shows: Honorable Mention, "Ceramics Online Juried Show," Ocean City Art Guild. Judges: Marie Cavallaro and Ernest Satchell. Judges comments: ‘#19 Homage to the Earth is a simplistic arrangement of natural and manmade materials that are framed in an esthetically pleasing manner. The individual parts of the composition may not be significant individually but when put together works extremely well.’

Juried Exhibition: "Pieces and Parts," Falls Church Arts Gallery, Falls Church, VA; Exhibited at LinDor Arts Gallery, SW Roanoke, VA



Stoneware, Raku fired, welded steel

Another sculpture requested by Olivia Kohler- Maga for “Select 2014” (See description under Torso Black). This was sculpted from a live model using only a rolled out slab of clay. The white crackle is from the fast firing method where the smoke sinks in where the crackle glaze leaves random openings. Previously, this had also been exhibited at Strathmore Hall Member Show and Artomatic Takes Flight: Reagan National Airport. Two other sculptures were made in this technique. One sold at TaBois Galerie d’Art; The remaining one is available.



Terra cotta

First and only shown at TaBois Galerie d'Art, McLean, VA in 2008. This sold at the beautiful opening reception.