Elmer George Riggins

To Blanche from Elmer with Love
Christmas poems from 1928 to 1969
by Elmer G. Riggins
1890 - 1970


Daniel Casner Rathgeber


Gram and Grandpa departed this earth in November and December 1970 respectively. They were never very far apart in any way. Their monument in Locustwood Memorial Park tells it all: "TOGETHER FOREVER." The love they felt for each other and for their family has been transmitted through successive generations and is alive today. Now I'm a grandpa myself. Gram and Grandpa are especially close at Christmas time and would like to share their love with you.

Having experienced the Great Depression, money was of significance and became a minor but ever-present part of the Christmas gift. The money part of the gift grew over the years, from a $5 gift referenced in 1934 to $1,000 or more in the 1960's. How many different ways can one refer to money in a lifetime of poems? A fiver, dough, long green, a note, a couple of C's, a little roll, a check, treasure, hard cash, old paper, a token. Can you find others? Another recurring thread throughout the years is the family's nautical mindset.

David Rathgeber (grandson)

For my Wife with LOVE at Christmas
Christmas poems from 1945 to 1990
by Daniel C. Rathgeber

1916 - 1998
To my son, David
This box has held for many years,
Thirty-nine treasures I hold most dear.

They are letters of love to my loving Mother,
From my dear Dad, her foremost lover!

You'll always remember the good times you shared,
While their love they bestowed to show you they cared.

You spoke at one time you would like to take,
All of these tokens a scrapbook to make.

I've wrapped these memories in ribbon so red,
That tells you in part just how you were bred.

May you treasure them always until at last,
Your own Mom and Dad are all in the past!

Dorothy Rathgeber - December 1989

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