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Mali Phonpadith

Mali speaks English, Lao, Spanish and Thai. She is the Founder and CEO of SOAR Community Network (SCN), a business coach for Connectpreneur, consultant for the Latino Economic Development Center, Reviewer for the Catalogue for Philanthropy, Advisory Board Member of Din Din, Inc., DC Chapter Director for the Association for Enterprise Growth and Board Member of the Lao Heritage Foundation.

She is a four-time author, including A Million Fireflies, her memoir about her voyage from war-torn Laos to America. She has been featured on Huffington Post,, Asian Fortune Newspaper, WJLA DC, Radio Free Asia, WHUR Radio, Voice of America, Better Business Bureau's Trusted Magazine and numerous internet radio programs and global podcasts.

A Million Fireflies

In her book, A Million Fireflies, internationally award-winning poet Mali Phonpadith takes us on a journey of love and loss, incorporating both poetry and real life stories to give voice to the true language of a heart that has seen much, felt deeply and survived to shine.

Mali's Eastern sense of balance and heritage coupled with a strong spirit of individual freedom lend the narrative a searching authenticity. With her words, she honors the legacy of family, celebrates the lasting presence of loved ones and reveals a true freedom. Touching on a truth deeper than grief, A Million Fireflies illuminates the resilience of the creative human spirit.

Born to Be Me

Belief is one of the strongest forces you can have in order to overcome any obstacle. A sense of knowing you are not alone, that you matter, that you are worthy.

The Sisterhood folios was created specifically to be a safe and nurturing place for women to share their life journeys and making their voices heard. These stories offer their challenges, their inspirations and clarity that come from the lessons. This is a place for them to be honored. It is a cathartic and inspirational experience for both the author and the reader.

Born To Be Me is the second volume in this series.

These 19 women take you on their journeys of self discovery as they unveil their emotional and inspirational life stories. They share their deepest thoughts, fears and experiences as they learn about themselves through overcoming the obstacles and tests life has thrown at them. Their voices shine a light on your path and help guide you. Know that you are not alone. Their courage and strength is a gift to us all.

Reading Born To Be Me will touch your heart and your soul. You will identify with these women and their stories. You will gain strength from their strength. Learn about yourself by learning about others. Gain the confidence of knowing you are part of a sisterhood. Born To Be Me will help you look forward to a rich life yet to be lived.

The Balancing Act

One of the most difficult goals in anyone’s life, is to create and maintain a balance between their work life and private life. Whether in the corporate world or entrepreneurial world, the quest for work/life balance is constant struggle in an ever-evolving existence.

The Balancing Act is an intimate account of 12 Women as they share their experiences, challenges, decisions and ongoing transformation as they face obstacles and achieve successes. These Women’s stories will take you on a guided journey through The Balancing Act. They share their struggles, wisdom, lessons learned, tools and the strategies that they have adopted to navigate their own work/life balance in order to help you, the reader, with your own quest. A must read for every employee, freelancer and entrepreneur as your journey unfolds.

Seen and Sustained

Coauthored by four women entrepreneurs, Akia T. Garnett, Mali Phonpadith, Tamecia Bradshaw and Jane Lovas.

Seen and Sustained is a professional development workbook for CEOs, presidents, and other chief visionaries of small and diverse businesses.

The book is chock full of instructional exercises meant to help leaders tie in their purpose with their business. The book focuses on vision mapping, helping readers connect with their original intent for becoming an entrepreneur. Readers then work on their existing mission statements to ensure connectivity between their customers' needs and wants and their vision.

Outcomes, Strategies, Measures and Tactics, are also core topics of the book which help readers put passion into day to day busywork, so that results can be easily measured, and continuous improvement quickly realized.

Seen and Sustained is not a business book. It applies a common sense approach to solving communication problems that small businesses face - providing a systematized process for moving their business to the next level of visibility.