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Charles Germain

Charles Germain was born and educated in France. His first interests were history, philosophy, and literature. After studying French literature, Charles did some teaching and tried the film industry. He left France in his twenties and became an international traveler.

In his thirties, after completing an MBA in the Netherlands, he capitalized on his foreign language skills and became a successful international marketer, working for US publishing companies around the world. He owned and ran several businesses as well, including Publishers Communication Group in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Charles now lives in Maryland USA and Brazil. He is fluent in five languages. His main interests in filmmaking are nature conservation, travels, and expeditions, crossnational and racial relationships, history, arts and sailing. He has directed full-length documentaries, commercials, short comedies, and dramas.

Also, he has produced a few noted documentaries that took him to India, Brazil and Borneo. In 2013, he graduated from the Boston University CDIA program in Georgetown, Washington DC, as Film Director. He is now producing and directing short films and writing feature film screenplays.

He is an accomplished cameraman and is knowledgeable in most video editing programs (Apple FCPX and ADOBE Suite).

In 2022 he got an award at the You Film Fest in Washington DC.